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8K & 10K Laser Projector Rentals

laser projector rentals

If lasers are the future of projectors then the future is here at Aviva Rentals. Featuring 8,000 Lumen brightness, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and a superior color performance resulting from the use of both blue and red lasers, the EIKI 811W laser projector delivers superior brightness and clarity that redefines projection standards for professional, large-venue applications.

LCD & DLP® Projector Rentals

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AVIVA Rental Systems carries a complete inventory of LCD and DLP® projectors. LCD projectors available from AVIVA Rentals range in brightness from 2300 lumens to 10,000 lumens. AVIVA Rental Systems' projector inventory includes brand names like Dell, Toshiba, Optoma, Sanyo and Eiki. While DLP® continues to make progress, LCD projectors historically deliver better color saturation and richer color dynamics for better results in rooms with ample ambient light. If you are not going to be able to completely control the light in your event space LCD may be the solution.

Also, ask the sales staff at AVIVA Rental Systems about your projection screen rental needs for your next conference or meeting presentation.

Call AVIVA Rental Systems at 804.353.9212 or e-mail our Director of Events at doe@avivarentals.com today!

DLP® Projectors

DLP® 1080p projectors use DLP® DarkChip technology so you get the highest native contrast ratios (usually 2000:1 or higher), affording the truest blacks and more than 2 million pixels making for the perfect big screen home entertainment. This allows for smoother video and a "more film-like" experience when using Blu-Ray and DVD on HDTV. Many in the industry believe, if you are having a home-movie night, a DLP® projector rental from AVIVA Rentals is a must.

Plus, if you are a mobile warrior, DLP® projectors boxes are smaller and lighter than comparable LCD projectors. Plus, gone are the days of walking in front of the projector light and blocking the image on the screen. With DLP® ultra short throw projectors you can light up a big screen (70 inches or more) from only inches away from the screen surface.

The two most common variables when choosing a projector are lumens (how bright is the picture) and resolution (SVGA, XGA, SXGA). When renting a projector, you will need to consider important factors such as the ambient lighting, the size of the screen and the throw distance from projector to the screen.

EIKI 800U 12,000 Lumen Widescreen DLP® Projector

This 1-chip, DLP® large venue projector provides high brightness, WUXGA image quality (1920x1200) and 16:10 Aspect Ratio. Aviva also rents three separate compatible lenses, including:

projectiondesign F12 projector with native HD

In our ongoing efforts to offer a wide range of audio visual equipment rental options, AVIVA Rental Systems now has in stock projectiondesign F12 wuxga DLP projectors. A 3500 Lumen DLP projection engine combined with 1920 x 1200 native resolution the projectiondesign F12 projector provides ultra-high resolution WUXGA and 1080p HD.Outstanding brightness and 4000:1 contrast ratio make for a stunning computer or video presentation image unmatched by standard LCD and DLP projectors. Click here for complete specs on the F12 projector . Does your projector do TRUE HD?? Click for more.

EIKI LC-WAU200 HD Widescreen Projector - Short throw

short throw projector

Planning on using a mac as the source for your video? No worries, as AVIVA Rental Systems has an array of mac adapters including the micro-dvi for the mac airbook. Also, do not forget the presenters remote.

LCD projectors usually produce significantly higher ANSI lumen outputs than DLP® projectors with the same wattage lamp delivering a somewhat sharper image at any given resolution than DLP®. It has been noted this can have an impact when making a financial or statistical number presentation involving projecting spreadsheet images. LCDs are also more light-efficient as it draws less power and throws less heat, and slightly more quiet than DLP®, a potential advantage in smaller meeting or board room.

Whatever your projection needs, AVIVA can assist you in making the correct choice between LCD and DLP® projectors. Yes, AVIVA rents HD, DLP® & LCD projectors! Please call as far ahead as possible to discuss your projector rental needs with our staff, as all LCD projectors are subject to availability.

EIKI  projectors
Working with more of a budget? Remember AVIVA is an authorized dealer for EIKI LCD projectors

Presentation Switches

Sometimes you need to fill a space with multiple images like the keynote session of a conference. In addition to monitors, projection screens and video cameras from Aviva rentals, you are going to need a presentation switcher. Presentation switchers are advanced video processing and presentation control systems. These systems provide source selection, advanced windowing features, seamless switching, video effects and integrated control for professional video presentations. Presentation switchers can support a wide variety of show configurations.

Analog Way Pulse2

The Analog Way Pulse2 is a powerful Dual Scaler Hi-Resolution Mixer and Seamless Switcher with 8 inputs and Native Matrix mode based on the Midra platform.

Analog Way Pulse2 Key features:

Analog Way Pulse2 Operating Modes:

Extron IN1508

The Extron IN1508 is an eight input, A/V presentation switcher that accepts and scales a wide range of video signals to a common, high resolution output rate. It can accommodate two composite video, two S-video, one standard or high definition component video, one DVI-D, and two RGB computer-video sources. Eight input stereo audio switching is also provided with independent gain and attenuation control. The ability to accept multiple inputs of varying formats along with many other convenient and useful features make the IN1508 a true presentation switcher that is an ideal centerpiece for mid-sized A/V systems.

The IN1508 features a high performance scaling engine with the ability to scale standard definition video, high definition video, and computer-video signals up or down in resolution. With the IN1508, only a single RGBHV connection to the display is required, resulting in cost savings due to reduced installation time, cabling, and system programming. The IN1508 outputs RGB or component video output with selectable output rates from VGA (640x480) to WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution, as well as HDTV at 720p, 1080i, and 1080p/60.

Selecting an LCD Projector Rental for Your Event

The two most common variables when choosing a projector are lumens (how bright the picture) and resolution (SVGA, XGA, SXGA). When renting a projector, you will need to consider important factors such as the ambient lighting, the size of the screen and the throw distance from projector to the screen.

In a darkened room, most LCD projector images are sharp and crisp. However, if you're projecting onto a surface where outside daytime light or overhead fluorescent lighting will splash upon the surface, a higher lumen projector may be necessary.

AVIVA also carries overhead projectors, 35mm slide projectors and Elmo document readers. Ask the sales staff at AVIVA Rental Systems about our LCD, overhead projectors and Elmo document readers for your next conference or meeting presentation and remember, LCD projectors are great for use at weddings and reunions for video montages and misty, water-colored memories of the way we were.

Ask the sales staff at AVIVA Rental Systems about your projector rental needs for your next conference or meeting presentation.

Call AVIVA Rental Systems at 804.353.9212 or e-mail our Director of Events at doe@avivarentals.com today!

LCD projectors

LCD projector mounted on truss hung from ceiling along with a Source Four ® light.

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