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For computer, printer, copier, networking rentals:
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Lee Wilkinson

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Jermiah Patterson
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Carol Kozak



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First and foremost, always contact Aviva Rental Systems if you have any issues. We pride ourselves on impeccable service and customer satisfaction. Aviva Rental Systems sets up and tests all equipment before your event but some clients travel with laptop and LCD projector in hand or pick up the equipment from one of our locations.

This page is mostly for those common mistakes everyone makes at one time or another. Aviva Rental Systems also believes in educating our clients to become the best presenters and meeting planners in the business. There has been a time or two we have been stumped only to find a surge protector wasnapos;t turned on. Sometimes itapos;s just so simple we just smile and show the next slide

#1 Issue: All the equipment is turned on; however, there is nothing being projected on to the screen.

A. You may need to toggle the image from your laptop to the LCD projector. Hold down the Fn key and the corresponding function key (it is usually is F5 or F8 or may have a picture of a screen/ box or say CRT/ LCD) then release. Do this 3-4 times until the picture is on the screen and the laptop.

B. Press the input or source button on the projector until it reads Computer 1 or RGB 1 on the screen. Make sure the cable is attached from your laptop to the input ( computer 1) on the LCD projector and not plugged into the LCD monitor out. Retry toggling with the function key ( step A)

C. Reboot.

#2 Issue: My video embedded in my PowerPoint presentation is not showing up on the screen.

Solution: Your computer can only show the video on one screen at a time, so toggle the image to the LCD only using the function key mentioned above.

#3 Issue: Iapos;m getting a slight tin sound or feed back from my lavaliere/lapel microphone.

Solution: Never cover the microphone with a name badge, hand, or clothing (collar, tie, or pocket). Never stand directly in front of any speaker. You should always be behind the speaker or to the side. The closer to the speaker you get the more probable feedback becomes.


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AVIVA is the AV answer
Good morning. Thank you for providing the AV equipment for our Food Show this week. Everyone was very impressed with you all and we would love to utilize your services again next year.
Kindly put us on the books for next year!

L. Barbour
Purchasing Analyst
Major National Hospitality Company
Known for "Legendary Hospitality"